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LITE Instrument Status Data Block

From this page is it possible to access decommutated data for all of the fields in the LITE Instrument Status Data Block (ISDB) during the times in which the high rate data was collected.

The ISDB format table shows the values used to convert the raw ISDB data into the decommutated data. Time fields with an ADJ suffix have been adjusted for the LITE clock drift . The 64 sub-commutated data fields are shown only in the ISDB records in which they have valid values.

There are 146242 records of 1022 fields in this data set. A request will return a maximum of 10000 records (1 record = 1 sec) and a maximum of 10 fields in each record. Requests beyond those limits will be truncated.

Enter time range for table in DDD/HH:MM:SS format (optional):
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Enter orbit for table (optional):

Select up to ten fields to include in table: